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Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Lessons of a Six Year Old!

So lately I have been very concerned with my 6 year old's behavior.  He has started this thing where he will say "you're not my best friend anymore" when one of his friends does something he doesn't like.  He did it two times today and the last time was with one of his friends that truly is one of his best friends. 

It broke my heart that he would say such a thing because Paul and I have tried so hard to teach our boys to put others first and to love them as Christ would.  So I asked him why he would say such a thing.  And as only a 6 year old could say he replied, "because he wouldn't share his cars with me."  He also preceded to tell me that not only did he tell him he wasn't his best friend anymore but he also said, "and that is why I didn't put you as my best friend in my all about me book."   So by this point I am devastated not because of the action itself but because he is telling me in such a mean attitude and with such conviction.  In my flesh I said, "okay, you're not my best friend anymore because my friends don't treat people like that so I can't have you as my best friend anymore." 

And this is what Parker said after a long pause......"but I'm still going to keep loving you mommy!" 

Teachable moment #1-My response (which was only by the Holy Spirit because I was still pretty mad at him). 
"Parker, that is exactly right!  And you know what?  God keeps loving us even when we don't share our cars or we tell people that they aren't our best friend anymore.  Do you think that Sam felt loved when you told him that you didn't want him as a best friend anymore?" 
Which he replied, "No." 
I said,"Don't you think you need to let him know that you still love him?" 
Parker said, "yes."  
I said,"Then what do you think you should do?"
Parker said,"Call him?"

Bottom line.....After some coaching he called Sam and and said he was sorry for hurting his feelings and would he forgive him.  I don't know what was said on the other line but I could hear that Sam was saying something.  I could tell the conversation was coming to an end and then I hear Parker say in his 6 year old voice....."I love you......bye."

Teachable moment #2 was for me!!!  I can't always be there when Parker decides to hurt someone else with his words or his actions but I can point him to Christ and pray that he makes better choices. Without my prodding, my 6 year old ended a conversation with his best friend by saying, "I love you, bye." I think that was a pretty good choice.  What do you think?


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