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Wednesday, June 23, 2010


Some of you have emailed me and shared your heart with me. I was honored to beseech the Lord on your behalf last night and ask Him for covering over you.   I am truly honest when I say that I want to hear from you. Last night the Lord brought a song to mind.  It is on Amy Grants new Album, Somewhere Down the Road.  My good friend and mentor reminded me of it when she was sharing with me some hurts of her own yesterday. The Lord brought it back to mind when I was pouring out cries to Him last night.  I just started crying.  I have friends that are hurting and struggling.  Not losing hope, but hurting hearts. 

Life is HARD! We are not promised that things will be easy. Matter of fact we are actually guaranteed that things will be difficult. BUT we have a BIG GOD who is with us. He wants to hear our cries. It felt so good to just let out the tears last night as I went to the throne of God. A wise women once told me that "tears heal." And I must say that I felt a sense of healing last night. Refreshed, revived!

Click and  listen.

We pour out our miseries,
God just hears a melody
Beautiful the mess we are,
the honest cries of breaking hearts
are better than an halleluja

I think we can all agree that life is hard.  But what will we do when life gets harder?  Will we still stand for Christ and not waver?  Will we still have faith?  Will we live for Christ and not the world?

In  the book of Jeremiah he (Jeremiah) is starting to lose hope.  The people are not listening to the truth.  They are turning to other gods and chosing to listen to false prophets.  The Lord replies...

"If you have run with footmen and they have tired you out,
Then how can you compete with horses?
If you fall down in the land of peace,
How will you do in the thicket of the Jordan?"    Jeremiah 12:5

In other words, how will you do when the heat is turned up?  The Israelites were about to go into captivity and things were about to get really ugly for them.  The same is true for us.  I don't know when the Lord would chose to come back for His people, but I do know that before He comes it will get pretty ugly.  We have a choice.  My prayer is that we would chose to run with the horsemen. 

Keep the faith my friend.  Let's keep beseeching the Lord on one another's behalf.  Let's lock arms and encourage one other daily to stand for the Lord and not give into the things of this world.  And when things are bad and you don't know how to sing, just cry out to the Lord!  It's better than an Hallujah sometime!

Praying for you,


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