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Monday, March 2, 2009


Parker, Tanner and me at the Mickey 3-D show. Tanner has to be different and wear his glasses upside down. That's Tanner! :)
Tanner being shy with Ariel!! He LOVES The Little Mermaid. That's okay TAnner! I thought she was being to touchy anyway! :)

Thanks to Paul's wonderful parents, we were able to take a trip to Florida and take the boys to DisneyWorld. The fun part of the trip started when Parker decided he wanted to cut his own hair the day before we left for our vacation. Needless to say, I didn't respond the way I should have but Parker is very forgiving!
We had a blast with the boys on our trip!! Tanner got to see Ariel from the Little Mermaid. We waited in line for one hour and when we finally got to see her Tanner decided he was going to play hard to get. He was sooooooooo in awe of her presence that he couldn't look at her in the face. Oh Tanner! It only get worse!
I was so proud of Parker. He rode Big Thunder Mountain and the Haunted Mansion. The only thing he didn't ride was Space Mountain. Maybe next year! Tanner was still a little too young to ride some of the rides. He flipped out when we tried to take him on Pirates of the Carribbean. He said, "No, I want DisneyWorld, this not DisneyWorld." Paul and I are still trying to figure that one out. :) Tanner would cover his eyes in most of the rides and bury his head. Then when it was all over he would say, "All done. That not scare me. That funny!" Oh Tanner, you are just like your dad!!!
Parker was in heaven!! He has the most energy of any kid I know. He never once complained about walking so much! Way to go Parker!!! Other than talking non-stop, he was so pleasant to be with.
Oh and Paul!! HE is a trooper!! We didn't even get in a fight once the whole day! Disney is truly Magical! :)
My advice for those of you going to Disney in the future....
1. Plan on staying to the bitter end. There is no reason to leave before the fireworks. In my opinion it is closure that every parent needs. We need to be able to see those beautiful workworks and hear the songs about 'wishes" and "dreams coming true" so that we can say, "AWWWW, IT WAS WORTH EVERY MINUTE." There is something about the parade and fireworks that brings the kid out in me.
2. Take the monorail into the park and the ferry out of the park. If you stay until the Fireworks, it is madness to get out and the Ferry holds more people so it is faster to get back to your car.
3. Take hand sanitizer! Tanner and I both got the stomach bug at midnight after Disney!
4. Map out what you want to ride and do the "Fast Passes." You can only do one fast pass about every 1 hour or 2 so plan it just right.
5. Remember that it is for the kids!!! It's not about plans or agendas. Just have fun!!! We might not have done it the most effecient way but if you are just laid back, you get alot done. We did 25 rides/shows in 10 hours.
6. There is nothing magical about watching parents yelling at their children. (We saw plenty of this, especially in the 8th hour). I think I only grabbed Parker by the shirt once--HEE HEE! Try to just have FUN!!!
I can't wait to do it agian!!!!

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