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Saturday, November 12, 2011


"Strange as it may seem, this disappointment is something God allows in our lives after filtering it through His sovereign fingers of love. It's something He has deemed necessary and of long-range value in bringing you, His beloved child, toward His personal goal for you-- Christlikeness and fruitfulness." - Kay Arthur in As Silver Refined

Definitely been encourage in this. Realizing as I get older life gets harder. The heat might get turned up a bit but it is refining, making us more like Him. In everything I cling to Him knowing "He is a shield about me, my glory the lifter of my head." Ps 3:3

I am also reminded of lyrics from a song. I am not sure who sings it but the lyrics are...
"I need you Jesus to come to my rescue. Where else can I go? There's no other name by which I am saved. Capture me with your grace. I will follow you. This world has nothing for me."

Don't know where your heart is today. But know this sweet friends, I have witnessed the faithfulness of God. And His steadfast love is like none other. He is my everything. Life is hard. But life without Him is spiritual suicide.

Thank you Jesus for being the light to guide us.


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