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Saturday, November 1, 2008

Trick or Treat!

We had a blast last night going around our neighborhood with the kids! Tanner was Buzz Lightyear and Parker was a UT football player. We looked everywhere for a "weel helmet" for Parker to wear but to no avail. We found this one at Dicks's Sporting Goods and it has a sticker on the back that warns us not to use this as protective gear. Trying to explain this to Parker has been very hard. I am afraid he is going to really hurt himself...or his brother. That child can tackle...and so can Parker (Ha!).

Paul and I both were really into Trick or Treating as children so we kept the tradition going. We had our good friends the Utterback's over to trick or treat with us in our neighborhood then our neighbor's (3 of which go to our church) went out together in a big group. Then a few of us came over to our house to decorate cupcakes and watch The Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown. Parker and Sam Utterback both said that it was the "best Halloween ever!" I am so glad that our kids love being with other kids and look forward to sharing fun traditions every year. I have been looking for ways of reaching out to our neighborhood and as odd as it may seem, I felt that by inviting them into my home and loving on their kids, I was sharing the Love of Christ! I look forward to sharing more of Christ's love with them.

Paul, being Crazy!!!

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