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Sunday, November 21, 2010

The blessings of discipling college girls

It seems like just yesterday Paul and I were taking a step of faith and reaching out to college students with the love of Jesus Christ.  Almost 3 months later we have the most precious relationships with college students and are blessed to be a part of their lives.  We are leading a college community group through our church and meeting with them on their turf  as we meet with them one-on-one as well as inviting them into our home.  LOVE IT!! 

I have to tell you, I have been so blessed through these relationships.  I can remember the first meeting, not being sure who was going to come....or if anyone would come at all.  We have a smaller group but it has been exactly what God wants.  I am continually amazed at God's sovereignty.  He knew exactly who would be in our group and He has created sweet friendships.

Here is a picture of the girls who came and helped me put up my Christmas decorations last week.  There is one girl, Katie, who was not able to come that night.
The are sooooo sweet and I am continually amazed at how they accept me.  They keep coming back week after week.  Now, they have become like little sisters to me.  I would say "little daughters" but I don't like feeling that old.  However, they can consider me to be their mom if they want to.  I love them that much!

I can't wait to see what God has in store for our group!  They each have their own stories and their own journey with the Lord.  God is doing wonderful things in their hearts.  He is drawing them to Himself in ways that only God, in His infinite wisdom, knows how to.  My prayer for them is that they would continue to relentlessly pursue the Lord and live for Him in a BIG way.  I pray that they would live their life out loud...  that they would not be ashamed but would "walk in a manner worthy." 

They have taught me more than they will ever know.  David Platt says in his book Radical, "When we take responsibility for helping others grow in Christ, it automatically takes our own relationship with Christ to a new level...We are, by nature, receivers.  Even if we have a desire to learn God's Word, we still listen from a default self-centered mind-set that is always asking, What can I get out of this?  But as we have seen , this is unbiblical Christianity.  What if we changed the question whenever we gathered to learn God's Word?  What if we began to think, How can I listen to his Word so that I am equipped to teach this Word to others?"

I am growing in my faith as I meet with these precious girlies!  They bring a smile to my face!  :)

Sarah, Michelle, Anna, Amy and Hailey  (Katie not pictured)

Thank you Lord Jesus for bringing them into my life!


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